Create a wonderful experiences with our solutions

1. Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage marketing is an integral part of the new emerging CRM channel. This evolution has been gaining momentum as an ultimate alternative to the proprietary, PC based solutions for digital signage. We are the certified distributor and partner for many brands of renowndigital signage solution, among them - Navori DSS - the leading Swiss digital signage solution. We offer a robust range of digital signage solution for our client. Digital signage is the 21st century tools for marketing. It can be featured in many formats across multiple platforms.

2. Wayfinder Directory

We provide a wide range of standard or custom built wayfinder and its interactive content for applications in universities, campuses, corporate communication, retail malls, banking and etc.

3. Digital Standee

We customized digital standee of various sizes and various orientation for promotional and marketing purpose based on client’s requirement and design using various material.

4. Interactive Kiosk

Interactive kiosk allows direct engagement with client for a purpose built solution. We can customized content and integration to meet with the client needs and objective. Interactive gaming kiosk, Integrated services & information kiosk, online shopping kiosk and etc.

5. Digital Menuboard

Implementation of digital menuboard ensures timely update of menuprice and menu item, eliminate the cost of menu production andreduce the labour dependency to replace the menu board. In some instances, digital menuboard can be interconnected with backend POS system to promote slow moving item from inventory.

6. Videowall

Videowall is a popular choice of large format display to cater for promotional and marketing messages. We have vast experience in commissioning videowall for airport, malls, government offices, command & control center, restaurant and etc.

7. LED Screen

LED screen has gain popularity these days for both outdoor and indoor requirement to achieve phenomenal size where traditional flat panel display is unable to achieve.

We also provide abundance of hardware resources for your every needs.